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CH-47D Chinook Display Model
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CH-47D Chinook Display Mahogany Model
This 1/48 scale model measures 121/2" in length and has a rotor-span of 15". These beautifully crafted models are all hand-made, hand painted and detailed. Built in Philippine mahogany, each model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base.
  Boeing-Vertol Chinook HC.1 1/72 Die Cast Model - "Special Air Service Operations"

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Boeing-Vertol Chinook HC.1 1/72 Die Cast Model - "Special Air Service Operations"
Replicating the Chinook helicopter that delivered RAF special forces of No. 18 Squadron into Iraq in January, 1991, this 1/72 scale die cast model features engraved panel lines, fully glazed windows and a detailed interior, movable contra-rotating propellers, a working rear door with ramp detail, crew figures, an authentic desert camouflage scheme, and more. 83⁄4" rotor diameter.

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A/ACH-47A Chinook 1/72 Die Cast Model - Guns-a-go-go
As part of the elite 1st Cavalry helicopter assault division in Vietnam, this Chinook was used in many unique ways. Fitted with rocket pods, a grenade launcher and door guns, this limited edition 1/72 scale model also features a detailed interior, engraved panel lines, spinning rotors, optional position gear with rubber tires and more. 9" rotorspan; includes a display stand.