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SCALE 1/40 to 1/24 - CATALOGUE

These models need assembly. They are made of High quality laser-cut balsa wood. Most kits includes hand-selected balsa, concise full-sized plans, plastic propeller, vacuum-moulded parts, coloured tissue and full-colour decals. Beginners and experienced modellers will be delighted with the quality and the variety of the selections.

Models are mainly for display but many can be built for rubber-powered flight or can be customized for Radio controlled flight.

Know more about Radio controlled flight techniques and balsa construction tips.

WW1 Fighter planes  balsa flying model kits
WW1 Fighters
9 Model Kits
1920s 1930s planes  balsa flying model kits
1920s 1930s planes
18 Model Kits
Racer planes  balsa flying model kits
Racer Planes
9 Model Kits
WW2 Fighters planes  balsa flying model kits
WW2 Fighters
42 Model Kits
Jets balsa flying model kits
5 Model Kits